As a growing and proactive business, we are very ambitious. This ambition is for our strategic partners too.

We are committed to expanding our land, planning and housebuilding divisions and have considerable resources, experience, and knowledge.

We have a significant number of projects to fuel our ambition and many repeat landowners we are working with.

Our partners cover Farmers, Trusts, Charities, County Councils and families with land, that want the very best planning outcome.

As well as our highly regarded Edenstone and Bluebell homes brands, building award winning family homes and bungalows, within sustainable, bio diverse and exciting communities, we also have strong and close strategic relationships with Housing Associations, Public sector and social Landlords, so are able to provide a one stop shop for all strategic land planning opportunities, together with a full turn key build solution, with Ashgrove Partnerships.

Let’s talk and explain more of what makes us unique and why we are the ideal partner to work with.

We welcome new landowners and future partners taking references out on us, in fact we actively encourage it, because our word is our bond, we are proud of the long term relationships and friendships, built up, over many years and the value have created for many.


Is at the heart of what we do.

We are proud of our long-established connections with a wide range of landowners, land agents, trusts, solicitors, planners and other professionals across South Wales and the South West of England.

We have a flexible approach to all opportunities, but are often asked to provide some simple criteria and so:

  • We buy Land with or without planning consent
  • We buy greenfield or brownfield sites, ideally suburban or edge of settlement sites
  • We are flexible on size and look for land that can support between 30 and 750 homes
  • Within roughly 1½ hours’ drive from our head office in Magor as our map outlines.

If you have any land which you think may be of interest, whether it has planning consent or not, then please get in touch with us, for a no nonsense and honest appraisal.

Get in touch

Group Land and Planning Director  – James Morgan



Working together, always results in a successful outcome.

Common humanity and honourable dealings might be old fashioned values, but we hold them dear and they are embedded within our DNA.

Treating people with professionalism, respect, courtesy and empathy has always served us well over the years and is one of the many things that separates us from the big PLC’s.

We also pride ourselves on fast, efficient communication and swift decision making. As a family business we are able to make decisions without delay and provide you with the very best outcome.

With a highly flexible approach and vast experience, we tailor a bespoke deal structure to suit you and or your family’s individual requirements.

We have agreements with many land owners across conditional contracts, options, promotion agreements, build licences or joint venture arrangements and this flexible approach allows us to deliver and maximize value for everyone.

With years of expertise in navigating the planning process to promote and create successful residential developments, we are an expert pair of hands and have a track record of success that underpins our superb reputation.

Our track record allows us to enjoy close and constructive relationships with planning authorities, the local community and key stakeholders at an early stage and because we operate in South Wales and the South West of England, only, all our resources go into these locations and relationships, rather than attempting Nationwide Scale.

This “act local, think global” approach, allows us to quickly evaluate planning policy issues and resolve them, through close collaboration and to swiftly arrive at a planning strategy that means we and our land partners win.

Our track record of winning planning appeals is outstanding.

We have built up excellent working relationships over a number of years by adopting this approach and our outstanding reputation is your guarantee that you are working with the best strategic land partner.

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